Ocalm is a natural, sustainable cosmetic brand that focuses on appreciating traditional Korean beauty wisdom as well as embracing its heritage.




Calm confidence – the legacy of healthy innate beauty – is Ocalm’s reflection and philosophy of LIFE.


Ocalm’s name is derived from the word “Au Calme,” which means Quiet Serenity 

in French. We have put our own interpretation into the letter “O” that 

traditionally symbolizes the sun, the moon, the start, and the root of life. 

“O” stands for the unique rhythm and the cycle of Mother Nature. It also refers to the 

power of the calming cycle of nature where the START and the END meet in unison. 

The word “Calm” represents a traditional Korean sentiment, GENTLENESS. 

It stands for a calm state of skin that connects back to REJUVINATION. 

“Return to clear and healthy skin”


Begin your journey to discover the natural beauty found in Mother Nature with Ocalm. 

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